Thursday, 12 December 2013

2013 - Room 17.

Dear Room 17,

Wow, what an amazing year it has been.  We have achieved so much together.  There is so much I have learnt from you - I hope you can say the same about me!
A few things I have learnt this year:
- You need to stop and listen to the cricket!- thanks Dan
- There are never too many questions - thanks Thea
- The last word isn't always the right word! - is it Ethan?
- Big blue eyes aren't always as innocent as they seem- are they Johnny and Dylan?
- I still sing the best rendition of "Happy Birthday" ever- I don't care what you think!
- Books about Grannies are funny, especially if they have Alzheimer's -come and have a laugh with me when mine develops!
-There is no such thing as too much maths and even if we will never know enough strategies we can always argue the answer and change it if we need to! (as long as no one is looking).  Thank you my maths buddies- you are an inspiration.
- Always carry a hatchet - you never know when you'll need one of those!
- Kids need PE as much as teachers need kids outside!
- Alaska v's New Zealand- Bribery does pay off.
- The best way to learn your spelling is a doodle!
- I'm not as good at art as I think I am - thanks for your honesty!
and if all else fails - get Kharn to google it!

We have laughed together, danced together, talked together, camped together, cooked together, worked together, filmed together, learnt together and some of us even built an igloo together!  We have had our moments - good and ugly!  You have taught me to listen to things that aren't spoken and to teach without talking (so much!).  Thank you Room 17 for a thoroughly enjoyable year.  Remember - your expectations can never be too high in yourself and others.  Surround yourself with good people and expect nothing but the best - you deserve it!

Laugh lots, take care and stay in touch,
Mrs Roil.

P.S.  Still waiting for my flat white - Heith!

Friday, 1 November 2013


We have been writing reflections for the past two terms. Thanks for sharing yours Thea.

WRITING: This year I have really enjoyed writing. Mrs Roil has taught me some great tips - such as making your writing look more appealing. We do this by adding different fonts, photos and fancy layouts. I have improved at my research ability, finding out information and rewriting it in my own words. I am very proud of being able to start in the action, hook the reader in and make my writing look more appealing. I enjoyed everything about writing! Since I started school I have loved making up stories in my spare time. As I have got older I have started to enjoy writing non-fiction and Mrs Roil makes all writing interesting.

READING: I think that this year my reading has really improved. The main reason is because Mrs Roil found this amazing site called Actively Learn. Mrs Roil puts lots of questions on it- I have to stop and think about the text. I like to read - but sometimes I don’t take everything in, so I have definitely improved on reading between the lines. I am proud of learning how to read between the lines. The thing I enjoyed the most was Actively Learn. I always learnt something and Mrs Roil made sure to always put interesting stories up.

MATHS: I am in Extension Maths. Miss Hill is a great teacher and I have learnt so much this year such as how to find out percentages and decimals of numbers,how to add fractions together and so much more. I have improved at everything! This year I participated in a Mathletics Competition. I was in a team with Phoenix and Kharn. I was extremely proud when we came 1st and won $20 each. During maths I enjoyed building our own model doghouses. We learnt a lot while having fun at the same time.

ART: My Mum has actually been coming in to teach art this term. I thought I wouldn’t be able to learn much since she is my Mum - but I was so wrong! I have learnt dozens of techniques, impasto, dark and light, dry brush, smooth and even and many more. I have improved on my painting technique. I used to just slap the paint on in any direction I wanted to, but now I think about tones, contrast and which painting techniques would make my art look effective. I really enjoyed painting a Kaitawa Landscape. It is my best piece of art this year, I am really proud of it. 

SCIENCE: This term Room 17 has been doing some science experiments. It has been really interesting finding out what happens when heat meets air, what wind actually is and how and why particles move. I did a piece of writing that reflected on a science experiment and I was very proud of how it turned out. I enjoyed everything about the science experiments - especially seeing how everything turned out, often quite different to our predictions.

PE: I have always loved P.E. Recently I have learnt lots more about cricket, such as the correct way to bowl. In Term 3 I participated in Inter-School Cross Country. I improved my score from last year by 6 places, I came 36th out of 175 girls. That was a really proud moment for me. P.E and fitness is really fun and I have enjoyed EVERYTHING, especially volleyball skills, soccer skills and flexibility tests.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


The Egg Drop is a classic science demonstration that illustrates Newton's Laws of Motion, namely inertia. The challenge sounds so simple... just get the egg into the glass of water, but there are a few obstacles. The egg is perched high above the water on a cardboard tube, and a pie plate sits between the tube and the water. Still think it's easy? Sir Isaac Newton does.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Can We Beat The Pull of Gravity?

Room 17 are going to be learning about force, air and gravity for our science unit this term. Gravity keeps us, and everything else that weighs something on earth. Kharn asked the question, “When we put our arms in the air, why doesn't gravity pull them down?” Mrs Roil got us all to put our arms in the air. Slowly people put their arms down because they were getting too sore. The rest of us were having a battle with gravity! After about 10 minutes it was just Kory, Phoenix, Madison and I left. Then Kory dropped out. Phoenix, Maddy and I were all very competitive and no one would admit defeat! Eventually we were so tired, our arms had been in the air for 45 minutes!  We were about to quit, but then Mrs Roil told us it could be a tie. We were all relieved, that just goes to show you can’t mess with gravity!

Flexibility Testers

We are learning about making a change in PE at the moment.  We designed a flexibility measure and Yesterday we measured the flexibility of out hamstring muscles and lower backs.  We will work on specific exercises to increase the flexibility of these muscles and measure again at the end of the week to see if we have made a change.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Skateboard Art - I wonder what yours will look like?

What is Air?

What an amazing discussion we had after doing this experiment.  We put together an extensive list of vocabulary that we can all use when describing our hypotheses.  We also came up with a lot of questions that we are going to investigate over the next few days.  

Establishing that air exists and identifying some of its properties.
 1. Pack a crushed paper towel into a jam jar and then immerse the jar, upside down, in a large container of water until the whole jar is submerged.
 2. Remove the jar, without tipping it, and observe the state of the paper. The paper will remain dry. Suggest an explanation for your observations.
 3. Repeat the process, using a plastic cup. Will it make any difference if you use a plastic cup or a glass jar? 

Predict what you think will happen if you put a small hole in the base of the plastic cup. Think about what you will observe and and what will happen when you take the cup out of the water. What will happen: What actually happened: After the experiment: Can you explain what air is?

Monday, 16 September 2013

Day One Pandora Pond.

Great day out at the pond today!
What fantastic conditions for kayaking.....
for most!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Actively Learn

Room 17 have been using a n new reading programme.
The Actively Learn programmers contacted us to ask for some feedback. This is what a few of the Room 17 children thought:

 Dear Actively Learn, My name is Brooklyn and I am 10 years of age.Me and my class have been reading on actively learn and have all enjoyed reading online.The reason why I like reading online is because it helps me with my vocab and makes me think about what I am reading about and discussing my reading with family and friends.When I am reading on a normal journal it would probably just take me about 10 - 15 minutes max but when I read on actively learn it questions me and I have to think about the questions and it takes longer and more time to read.The one main thing I like about actively learn is that I can discuss things with my family or people at school and we can have our own say about the story we read .At school we have to always remember these things when we have to write an answer.
We always need punctuation .
We have to have full sentences that either proves the point or explains your answer.
While we are writing in our answer we have to think about these things.While we are at home the teacher will go online and see what we have wrote and give us a rating out of four.Every time I go on Actively learn I improve every time . From Brooklyn year 6 Parkvale school,Hastings.

 I am a ten year old girl and I think that activity learn has changed my learning lots. with a normal book I would read through it finish it done but I wasn't getting any thing out of it. The thing I like most about activity learn is that you have to really read it through and think about the story when you have to answer the question. Another thing is that when I come home from school and start doing my home work my family members can get more involved with my reading and help me on hard questions. My family says it was a perfect way to help my reading and they enjoy helping me and doing it with me. Activity learn is a wonderful way to read on line and I think that it is a perfect program for readers that want to get better. Poppy.

 My name is Thea. I am a 10 year old Year 6 student from Parkvale School. I really enjoy school and one of my favourite subjects is Literacy. I love to write, and read. When our class first started using Actively Learn, my Mum and I noticed a huge difference in how much I was thinking about the text. My parents, my teacher and I think that I have really benefited from Actively Learn. Sometimes I feel that journals are not really challenging me enough. With Actively Learn, there are many words or places that I might not be familiar with and I have to search them on google. I am extending myself by learning what more new words mean. Little by little, I am understanding more words and sentences that were difficult to understand before. I really like the way you cannot go past a question unless you have answered it. This means I sometimes have to go back and reread carefully, often having to use google to help me define words. I need to ask myself, what is the question asking me? I also need help from my Mum or Dad, I can get into a good discussion with extends me even further. Actively Learn is a programme that I think all digital classes should use. My teacher thinks that our class is improving heaps. Aside from the glitches, I would rate Actively Learn a ten out of ten and recommend it highly.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Class Writing

We are describing a character.  A person that we know well.
SC -  In the physical characteristics:
A description of four different parts of the body
Sentences starting in different ways
At least one comparison

“A bit a hush,”  Whenever we hear this, we know Miss Hill wants us to quieten down.  Her eyes light up as she strides through the hall enthusiastically.  She’s wearing her usual uniform.  Outdoor clothes for an outdoor girl.  We’ve seen this style before.  Miss Hill organised our camp.  She encouraged us to reach our goals and go outside our comfort zone.  She motivated us to keep on trying.  During the trek she blended in with us by wearing the same tramping clothes and was always alongside us to keep us going .  We often moaned.  Although she sometimes growled, we knew she still cared.

At every sports event, you will find her cheering us from the sideline.  She makes it to every game she can.  We see her racing around frantically at school like a worker bee.  You’ll find her involved in maths classes that help us to improve our learning, other school events like disco’s, sports and young leader jobs.  She  uses her personal stories as examples for the choices we make.  Miss Hill strives for us to succeed.  

“Where’s my milo?”  Miss Hill is continuously searching for her drink.  You will often find a trail of empty cups where she has been.  She spends her day between the resource room and her office.  In the resource room, she is a  maths inspiration.  Her careful guidance and her helpful tricks make maths enjoyable.

When you hop into her car, you immediately know who her best friend is.  A big black dog lies sprawled across the back seat.  Shady, is never far from her.  He loves to go to Kaitawa even though he’s not really allowed.  With her kayak strapped to the roof and Shady beside her she’s off for another adventure.  Who will she say a bit of hush too now?  I bet she misses us.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vocabulary - it's everywhere! Can you find any new words you could use?

Week 9 Maths

As part of our maths this week we are looking at position and orientation.  We are going to design our houses and make a fire escape plan.  You will need to make a sketch of the floor plan of your house so you know where everything goes.  Don't forget to make sure your house is facing the right direction. (NSEW).  Here is one of the classroom:

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Canoe Polo

You guys were amazing!  Keep up the hard work.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Yellow Reading Groups Documentary

This reading group read a journal article and decided to turn all the information into a documentary.  What do you think?
My Project 4 from fiona roil on Vimeo.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Model Competition

Super Models! from fiona roil on Vimeo.

We had a special challenge this week.  The children had to make a 3d shape and name all its attributes correctly.  The competition was tough, and the results will be announced later this afternoon.  We have had lots of visitors to judge.I wonder who will win???

Friday, 10 May 2013

Mr M's Video

Thanks Room 16 for coming to evaluate our instructions and give us feedback on the effectiveness of our instructions.  We thought your video was a visual masterpiece!  Thanks Mr M for making it.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

First Aid

Today we practiced first aid.  We used glad wrap because it doesn't stick to the wound, its easy to use, its hygienic and you can see through it.  Tomorrow we are going to practice in our camp groups.

Twisting the gladwrap makes it tighter incase you need to apply pressure.

We added a splint to support the "broken" arm.

We made a sling to elevate and support.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Maths Dictionary.

Here is a fantastic maths dictionary. We are beginning to learn about shapes, so we needed to find the meanings of some shape vocabulary. When you click on a word, it shows you an example of what the word means and sometimes it has a short quiz to help you learn.
Check it out.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Senior Disco

On Friday night, the young leaders ran their first disco this year. There was some amazing dancing and fantastic music. Well done to all those who organised it. It was very successful and the dancers that won the big dance off have a future on MTV I'm sure. My favourite part of the night was the crazy hairdos! Maddie and Courtney had the coolest pop corn hats. There were some beauties but this was, hands down, my absolute fav! Take a look.....

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

15 Great Reasons to Be Bostan's Buddy in the Bush.

Why do you need a survival kit?.Well ....if you were stuck in the bush you would have to have food and stuff to survive.I have made a list below 1 you will need bottled water. 2 you will need food that is caned so it doesn't go off also a can opener . 3 you will need a radio. 4 you will need some warm clothes. 5 you will need some shelter like a tent. 6 you will need a torch 7 you will need a lot of batteries. 8 you will need a pocket knife. 9 you will need a survival blanket. 10 first aid kit. 11 you will need a flare. 13 pen and paper. 14 you will need a billy. 15 you will need a lighter and some matches Bostan.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Legends of the Mist - The story of Lake Waikaremoana

Long ago before there was a great lake a Chief called Maahu lived with his wife and eight children. His people drew their water from two springs: Waikotikoti and Te Puna a Taupara.

Waikotikoti was very tapu and the water from here was used for sacred purposes only, while the other was for general domestic use. 

One night the Chief sent all his children to fetch water to quench his thirst. However six of his children brought water from the sacred spring which was closer. When the Chief discovered this he flew into a rage and turned all six to stone.

Meanwhile Haumapuhia, the remaining daughter, went searching for her father to give him the water that she had got from the domestic spring. She found him at the sacred Waikotikoti. 

When her father saw her arrive he thought she too planned to collect water from the sacred spring; outraged he grabbed her and thrust her under the water intent on drowning her. 

Knowing she had no chance against her fathers might she cried out to the gods of the land for help, they headed her pleas and turned her into a powerful Taniwha (water monster). As a Taniwha she knew the light of day would bring her death so she tried to escape to the sea where she could hide in its depths. 

First she set out north but was barred by the Huiarau Range, and so the Whanganui Inlet was gouged out. Next she thrust eastward and the Whanganui o Parua arm was formed. One by one the arms of the lake were carved out in this fashion until she finally managed to force her way through a narrow gorge at Te Wharawhara near Onepoto. 

Alas, as she emerged she was over taken by daylight and turned to stone. She still lies in the bed of the Waikaretaheke River. 

WALT write a report.

We have been learning to write reports. We have looked at Cave Weta and Kiwi. You can find brilliant examples of our reoprts on our blogs. Our signs of success are:
  • report title
  • an introduction
  • a conclusion
  • topic based paragraphs without titles
  • a diagram to explain information
This is a diagram taken from Madison's report. For more information check out our blogs.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Designing Schools -

Future Architects of New Zealand

 Designing schools for future generations takes a lot of thought and discussion.  Room 17 have been making models in 2D and 3D with specific perimeters and areas.  Although the specifications were the same to begin with, these budding designers have all come up with different ideas for their school.  Keep watching for the design presentation.....

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sketch of a Weta

We have been looking at Cave Wetas.  This is the diagram Maddison designed for us to explain the reports we wrote.  Check out our blogs to learn about Cave Wetas.         

Room 17

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Willie and Kiri - Weta Story

We have spent the last couple of days looking at a piece of writing about a weta and weka.  The Yellow and Red reading group had to take a section of the story and turn it into a dialogue.  Then they had to record themselves and upload it onto their blogs.  Here is a sample of what they have done so far:

Check out our blogs for more....

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Parkvale GarMoriRoil

Great work Parkvale Garland!!!  We have just finished another fantastic game.  The team is working so well together and really improving with each game.  Final score - Hastings Central 16 Parkvale 24.  Awesome teamwork and determination.  Keep it up!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Doctor, Doctor!

Our Sports Pals went to a course last Friday.  They learnt loads of new games.  Today they taught us how to play Dr, Dr!  What a great game.  Thanks Phoenix, Rhys and George.  You are fantastic teachers.  It was really cool the way you shared your secret strategies too Phoenix!  Terrific teamwork!