Monday, 4 February 2013

That Was Summer
By Marci Ridlon
Have you ever smelled summer?
Sure you have.
Remember that time when you were tired of running
or doing nothing much and you were hot
and you flopped right down on the ground?
Remember how the warm soil smelled and the grass?
That was summer.
Remember that time
when the storm blew up quick and you stood under a ledge
and watched the rain till it stopped and when it stopped
you walked out again to the sidewalk,
the quiet sidewalk?
Remember how the pavement smelled All steamy warm and wet?
That was summer.
Remember that time 
when you were trying to climb higher in the tree
and you didn’t know how
and your foot was hurting in the fork but you were holding tight
to the branch?
Remember how the bark smelled then 
all dusty dry, but nice?
That was summer.
If you try very hard,
Can you remember that time
When you played outside all day And you came home for dinner
And had to take a bath right away
Right away?
It took you a long time to pull
+your shirt over your head.
Do you remember smelling the sunshine?
That was summer.


  1. I love this piece of writing, it is so rich and inspiring! My favourite part is how the pavement smelled all steamy, warm and wet.

    Your blog looks great, Room 17!

  2. Nice work Mrs Roil, it really sounds like summer to me and these words "the pavement smelled all steamy warm and wet" reminded me of my holiday in Kerikeri at Christmas when it rained.

  3. Your the best teacher I've had Mrs Roil