Monday, 18 March 2013

Doctor, Doctor!

Our Sports Pals went to a course last Friday.  They learnt loads of new games.  Today they taught us how to play Dr, Dr!  What a great game.  Thanks Phoenix, Rhys and George.  You are fantastic teachers.  It was really cool the way you shared your secret strategies too Phoenix!  Terrific teamwork!


  1. Excellent work, Sports Pals!

    What a great idea for adding new games to fitness and physical education.

  2. Cool to see the photos of us playing the game! I really enjoyed playing, and so did the whole class!!
    Sports Pals, what game are we going to be playing next? I can't wait, you learnt some really cool games at the Pettigrew Arena.

  3. playing golden child is getting boring we should go back to playing games like this one here.