Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Willie and Kiri - Weta Story

We have spent the last couple of days looking at a piece of writing about a weta and weka.  The Yellow and Red reading group had to take a section of the story and turn it into a dialogue.  Then they had to record themselves and upload it onto their blogs.  Here is a sample of what they have done so far:

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  1. Great expression in your reading voices, Room 17!

    You are really acting with your voices and that makes it interesting to listen to. I love how you have turned the story into dialogue - that is clever. I really want to read the story now!

  2. Cool Thea and Cameron. Nice loud scream Thea. That really woke up my day.

  3. cool wilie and kirie story how long did it take you to put all of it together