Tuesday, 7 May 2013

First Aid

Today we practiced first aid.  We used glad wrap because it doesn't stick to the wound, its easy to use, its hygienic and you can see through it.  Tomorrow we are going to practice in our camp groups.

Twisting the gladwrap makes it tighter incase you need to apply pressure.

We added a splint to support the "broken" arm.

We made a sling to elevate and support.


  1. Wow room 17.
    That's great that you can make a cast out of glad rap.
    The photos are very clear.
    I can see what's happening very well.
    I hope you do more posts like this.

  2. First Aid is the major thing to do at the initial care time of the any injuries. The skills are considered more essential to the provision of First Aid and are taught ubiquitously. First Aid

  3. Awesome room 17, I think you're ready to heal a proper injury.
    Well done. :-)

  4. Using glad wrap was a great idea! As an elementary school nurse, I often spoke to classes about basic first aid and did some demonstrations, but I never used wrap with them. I swore by coverlet adhesive dressing, so I let them use this in the demonstrations, as well as gloves, antibiotic ointment, and sometimes even an oral thermometer.