Friday, 17 May 2013

Model Competition

Super Models! from fiona roil on Vimeo.

We had a special challenge this week.  The children had to make a 3d shape and name all its attributes correctly.  The competition was tough, and the results will be announced later this afternoon.  We have had lots of visitors to judge.I wonder who will win???


  1. Your models look amazing Room 17. I would not like to be the judge. I will keep posted to find out who the winner is.

  2. And the winners are...

    Peoples choice - Daniel
    Best Maths award - Madison and Cameron
    Most Creative - Milly.

  3. Great video/trailer, Room 17!

    You look like you are taking the judging very seriously, Mrs Roil. I look forward to finding out who the winner is. The models look fabulous and quite complicated!

  4. Thanks Mr M. The competition was really tough! I judged the best maths - that's why I look so serious. It's my maths thinking face! Results in the comment box above your comment.

    1. Excellent work, Judge Roil.

      Well done Cameron, Madison, Milly and Daniel!

  5. What a cool trailer! Our whole class enjoyed to watch it and enjoyed seeing the models, they are still on display in our class. I have got to say that Milly's was my favourite, it was very creative and looked really good!