Monday, 29 July 2013

Class Writing

We are describing a character.  A person that we know well.
SC -  In the physical characteristics:
A description of four different parts of the body
Sentences starting in different ways
At least one comparison

“A bit a hush,”  Whenever we hear this, we know Miss Hill wants us to quieten down.  Her eyes light up as she strides through the hall enthusiastically.  She’s wearing her usual uniform.  Outdoor clothes for an outdoor girl.  We’ve seen this style before.  Miss Hill organised our camp.  She encouraged us to reach our goals and go outside our comfort zone.  She motivated us to keep on trying.  During the trek she blended in with us by wearing the same tramping clothes and was always alongside us to keep us going .  We often moaned.  Although she sometimes growled, we knew she still cared.

At every sports event, you will find her cheering us from the sideline.  She makes it to every game she can.  We see her racing around frantically at school like a worker bee.  You’ll find her involved in maths classes that help us to improve our learning, other school events like disco’s, sports and young leader jobs.  She  uses her personal stories as examples for the choices we make.  Miss Hill strives for us to succeed.  

“Where’s my milo?”  Miss Hill is continuously searching for her drink.  You will often find a trail of empty cups where she has been.  She spends her day between the resource room and her office.  In the resource room, she is a  maths inspiration.  Her careful guidance and her helpful tricks make maths enjoyable.

When you hop into her car, you immediately know who her best friend is.  A big black dog lies sprawled across the back seat.  Shady, is never far from her.  He loves to go to Kaitawa even though he’s not really allowed.  With her kayak strapped to the roof and Shady beside her she’s off for another adventure.  Who will she say a bit of hush too now?  I bet she misses us.