Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Actively Learn

Room 17 have been using a n new reading programme.
The Actively Learn programmers contacted us to ask for some feedback. This is what a few of the Room 17 children thought:

 Dear Actively Learn, My name is Brooklyn and I am 10 years of age.Me and my class have been reading on actively learn and have all enjoyed reading online.The reason why I like reading online is because it helps me with my vocab and makes me think about what I am reading about and discussing my reading with family and friends.When I am reading on a normal journal it would probably just take me about 10 - 15 minutes max but when I read on actively learn it questions me and I have to think about the questions and it takes longer and more time to read.The one main thing I like about actively learn is that I can discuss things with my family or people at school and we can have our own say about the story we read .At school we have to always remember these things when we have to write an answer.
We always need punctuation .
We have to have full sentences that either proves the point or explains your answer.
While we are writing in our answer we have to think about these things.While we are at home the teacher will go online and see what we have wrote and give us a rating out of four.Every time I go on Actively learn I improve every time . From Brooklyn year 6 Parkvale school,Hastings.

 I am a ten year old girl and I think that activity learn has changed my learning lots. with a normal book I would read through it finish it done but I wasn't getting any thing out of it. The thing I like most about activity learn is that you have to really read it through and think about the story when you have to answer the question. Another thing is that when I come home from school and start doing my home work my family members can get more involved with my reading and help me on hard questions. My family says it was a perfect way to help my reading and they enjoy helping me and doing it with me. Activity learn is a wonderful way to read on line and I think that it is a perfect program for readers that want to get better. Poppy.

 My name is Thea. I am a 10 year old Year 6 student from Parkvale School. I really enjoy school and one of my favourite subjects is Literacy. I love to write, and read. When our class first started using Actively Learn, my Mum and I noticed a huge difference in how much I was thinking about the text. My parents, my teacher and I think that I have really benefited from Actively Learn. Sometimes I feel that journals are not really challenging me enough. With Actively Learn, there are many words or places that I might not be familiar with and I have to search them on google. I am extending myself by learning what more new words mean. Little by little, I am understanding more words and sentences that were difficult to understand before. I really like the way you cannot go past a question unless you have answered it. This means I sometimes have to go back and reread carefully, often having to use google to help me define words. I need to ask myself, what is the question asking me? I also need help from my Mum or Dad, I can get into a good discussion with extends me even further. Actively Learn is a programme that I think all digital classes should use. My teacher thinks that our class is improving heaps. Aside from the glitches, I would rate Actively Learn a ten out of ten and recommend it highly.


  1. This looks interesting. I would quite like someone to come and teach me how it works. I really like the specific feedback you have given.
    Mrs H

  2. Thanks Mrs H. We would love to share with you. Check out our NZ comment up there with all the Americans! http://www.activelylearn.com/schools

  3. actively learn is so much fun thanks for showing it to us mrs roil

  4. Thanks for showing us activity learn Mrs roil

  5. I have a lot of fun doing this with Sam for home work

  6. Actively learn is a great program that can make you think. The one thing that bugs me is if there's a question I can't do. I sit there for ages because I don't want to quit.