Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Can We Beat The Pull of Gravity?

Room 17 are going to be learning about force, air and gravity for our science unit this term. Gravity keeps us, and everything else that weighs something on earth. Kharn asked the question, “When we put our arms in the air, why doesn't gravity pull them down?” Mrs Roil got us all to put our arms in the air. Slowly people put their arms down because they were getting too sore. The rest of us were having a battle with gravity! After about 10 minutes it was just Kory, Phoenix, Madison and I left. Then Kory dropped out. Phoenix, Maddy and I were all very competitive and no one would admit defeat! Eventually we were so tired, our arms had been in the air for 45 minutes!  We were about to quit, but then Mrs Roil told us it could be a tie. We were all relieved, that just goes to show you can’t mess with gravity!


  1. It was extremely hard. I tried to side track myself because it hurt so much. It was still fun and super competitive.

  2. Go Thea, Maddy and Phoenix. Its amazing how long you guys could hold your arms up. My arms were up for 2 minutes and then they got really sore so I put them down. 45 minutes is a long time to hold your arms up in the air and try and beat gravity.
    Keep it up:)

  3. Amazing explanation Thea and Mrs Roil!
    I am glad I asked that question because it was so fun!
    Hopefully we can do it again soon!

  4. wow how long can you keep your arms up for