Thursday, 17 October 2013


The Egg Drop is a classic science demonstration that illustrates Newton's Laws of Motion, namely inertia. The challenge sounds so simple... just get the egg into the glass of water, but there are a few obstacles. The egg is perched high above the water on a cardboard tube, and a pie plate sits between the tube and the water. Still think it's easy? Sir Isaac Newton does.


  1. AWESOME vid the egg drop was really fun.

  2. I am so glad you came up with that Idea because I was so fun.
    Sorry to the rest of my group for cracking the egg.

  3. It looked like so much fun! If I wasn't so competitive I probably would joined in. Everyone was yelling once they got the egg in the cup.

  4. I really enjoyed doing this experiment. It was lots of fun. Unfortunately I was the person to crack the egg. Luckily we keeps on trying it with a cracked egg.

  5. Wow Mrs Roil!
    What a great post on the egg drop.
    It sound so exciting that I want to have a go.
    But I can't because I am not aloud to touch egg.
    The video really shows that everyone is have a great time.
    Did your class enjoy doing it?
    It's great how Charlotte go to crack the egg.
    I like how you have said the rules in the short paragraph at the top.
    And I also like the way you have put a question in your introduction to.
    Is Isaac Newton the person who came up with this experiment?
    Is this like a science experiment?
    I like the way you have put music with the video.
    It actually matches the video.
    Also the photos of everyone in the video are great.
    I like the photo of everyone putting the egg on the toilet roll along with the plate and the cup fall of water.
    Your blog is exploding with outstanding post.
    Well done, Mrs Roil:)