Monday, 14 October 2013

What is Air?

What an amazing discussion we had after doing this experiment.  We put together an extensive list of vocabulary that we can all use when describing our hypotheses.  We also came up with a lot of questions that we are going to investigate over the next few days.  

Establishing that air exists and identifying some of its properties.
 1. Pack a crushed paper towel into a jam jar and then immerse the jar, upside down, in a large container of water until the whole jar is submerged.
 2. Remove the jar, without tipping it, and observe the state of the paper. The paper will remain dry. Suggest an explanation for your observations.
 3. Repeat the process, using a plastic cup. Will it make any difference if you use a plastic cup or a glass jar? 

Predict what you think will happen if you put a small hole in the base of the plastic cup. Think about what you will observe and and what will happen when you take the cup out of the water. What will happen: What actually happened: After the experiment: Can you explain what air is?


  1. yes that was very in interesting and fun but at the same time weird!

  2. I really liked doing this experiment I my group because ewe all got along and all got a turn .