Friday, 1 November 2013


We have been writing reflections for the past two terms. Thanks for sharing yours Thea.

WRITING: This year I have really enjoyed writing. Mrs Roil has taught me some great tips - such as making your writing look more appealing. We do this by adding different fonts, photos and fancy layouts. I have improved at my research ability, finding out information and rewriting it in my own words. I am very proud of being able to start in the action, hook the reader in and make my writing look more appealing. I enjoyed everything about writing! Since I started school I have loved making up stories in my spare time. As I have got older I have started to enjoy writing non-fiction and Mrs Roil makes all writing interesting.

READING: I think that this year my reading has really improved. The main reason is because Mrs Roil found this amazing site called Actively Learn. Mrs Roil puts lots of questions on it- I have to stop and think about the text. I like to read - but sometimes I don’t take everything in, so I have definitely improved on reading between the lines. I am proud of learning how to read between the lines. The thing I enjoyed the most was Actively Learn. I always learnt something and Mrs Roil made sure to always put interesting stories up.

MATHS: I am in Extension Maths. Miss Hill is a great teacher and I have learnt so much this year such as how to find out percentages and decimals of numbers,how to add fractions together and so much more. I have improved at everything! This year I participated in a Mathletics Competition. I was in a team with Phoenix and Kharn. I was extremely proud when we came 1st and won $20 each. During maths I enjoyed building our own model doghouses. We learnt a lot while having fun at the same time.

ART: My Mum has actually been coming in to teach art this term. I thought I wouldn’t be able to learn much since she is my Mum - but I was so wrong! I have learnt dozens of techniques, impasto, dark and light, dry brush, smooth and even and many more. I have improved on my painting technique. I used to just slap the paint on in any direction I wanted to, but now I think about tones, contrast and which painting techniques would make my art look effective. I really enjoyed painting a Kaitawa Landscape. It is my best piece of art this year, I am really proud of it. 

SCIENCE: This term Room 17 has been doing some science experiments. It has been really interesting finding out what happens when heat meets air, what wind actually is and how and why particles move. I did a piece of writing that reflected on a science experiment and I was very proud of how it turned out. I enjoyed everything about the science experiments - especially seeing how everything turned out, often quite different to our predictions.

PE: I have always loved P.E. Recently I have learnt lots more about cricket, such as the correct way to bowl. In Term 3 I participated in Inter-School Cross Country. I improved my score from last year by 6 places, I came 36th out of 175 girls. That was a really proud moment for me. P.E and fitness is really fun and I have enjoyed EVERYTHING, especially volleyball skills, soccer skills and flexibility tests.

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