Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Moment in time Writing

Room 10 kids have been doing "A Moment in Time" writing. This is Mrs Roil's writing. Everyone else has posted theirs on their bogs. Check them out.

I heard water rushing.
I heard the excited bark of the dog.
I saw the writhing mess of bodies as they were dumped on the ground.
I saw the slithering mess of slime as the ground became alive.
I felt my heart pounding.
I felt unable to escape. I was surrounded in every direction.
I wondered if they would find their way to the water.

I wondered if we could just have bacon for breakfast!


  1. Great pieces of writing Room 10. You had great experiences throughout the holidays. So good to read the old Kidd-li-winks pieces of writing Azzy and Keisha. I can't wait to read yours Kevin.

  2. Room 8 wrote the same sort of writing. We have made a link to your blog on our post. Hopefully the Kidd-li-winks leave some comments :)