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Character Descriptions

Class writing of a character.  Check out our blogs for more character writing.

Who is New Zealand’s most famous trickster?  Changing from animal to human, bird to human, mountain to human you can never trust what Maui will do next.  He can hide his muscular form inside a waka to stow away from his brothers.  He can use his magical powers to stretch out the sea, hold blood on a hook and pull up a gigantic new land.  He is best known for his unusual adventures, his strength and power.  His curious nature often led to victory.

Maui always held his head high.  His chest was puffed out like a proud warrior, yet in situations when he wanted to be sneaky, Maui moved with stealth like movements.  Maui was determined to get his way, regardless of who he hurt.  Payback was often worse and physical.

Carefully disguising himself, Maui would use the sacred jawbone  to make mischief, of one kind or another.  His nasty pranks upset his whanau but usually had a purpose.  By using magical chants, Maui would cast his spells.  His sarcasm, tone and wit often belittled people and made them feel furious.

Using his tricking skills, Maui fooled his grandfather into giving him his sacred jawbone.  The magical powers that the the jawbone carries helped Maui on his adventures. Throughout legends, the jawbone is used to help Maui become a hero.