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I think that being in a computer class has helped my learning lots,especially writing,because I now write much bigger story's then I did when I was in a non-Digi class.I love having a blog because I really like putting my work on there for every one to see and comment on.I also love that we own the computers because we can take them home every day and finish off our work.I love having a simbaloo on our blog because we can go on heaps of cool websites that I have never been on before.  Paige

I thought I would add this page to the blog as a reflection of our year so far. It is a place to hold my own reflections on my decision to move to the senior school and go digital and will hold the voices of the room 17 children and some of their parents. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as well.  Fiona.

This is really great!  I’m already a firm believer that  being in the i-classes has improved his skills all over his subjects.  And when his friends call up asking what he is up to and his response is “didn’t you get my email” it makes me laugh.

Thank you for making this transition into technology for our son smooth sailing. 

So very true, helps to connect all kinds of different brain waves for our kids, not to mention the importance of networking and sharing.  So much more advanced than my day, and in comparison to my poor old primitive brain, our children's capacity to be able to soak up new knowledge at the rate they are able. Great clip, thanks.  

Being in a one to one class has so many advantages, for both the teacher and the student.  As with everything, there are disadvantages, for example, it won't improve your handwriting, but the advantages far out way them.  In fact, as I sit here trying to think of the disadvantages, I struggle to come up with much of a list.  

I am a firm believer of "old fashioned values."  Children still have the same needs as ever.  They need to learn to read, write, spell and know their timetables etc.  These things are still addressed in digital classes to the best of our teaching ability.  I know the teachers at Parkvale are constantly searching out new ways and ideas to support children's learning. 

Technology is one of the most influential effective ways to support children's learning.  Their constant   exposure to the internet and everything it has to offer opens up their learning in so many ways.  No longer are they only reading at reading time.  They are reading all the time.  Summerising information and making decisions on what will answer their questions.  They  are comparing and using information at such and amazing speed.  They are also working harder than ever before.  They are choosing to extend their school day, their own learning time by completing assignments at home.  Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable!

Finally, their is an audience for their writing.  A reason for doing it and a place to showcase it.  The reward for writing is having people appreciate it and that is far greater than the encouragement and feedback that one teacher, even the most dedicated teacher can give them.

More information about different aspects of our journey can be found on http://elearning.tki.org.nz/Teaching/Curriculum/Learning-areas/English

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